LMDE krijgt Debian stable (Jessie) als basis

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LMDE krijgt Debian stable (Jessie) als basis

Berichtdoor Arie » Zo 10 Aug 2014, 23:09

Wat mij beteft een mooie ontwikkeling, de stabiliteit en robuustheid van Debian stable met het gemak van Linux Mint
After a long reflection and many discussions the decision was made to switch Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) from its current snapshot cycle to a Debian Stable package base. The transition from Update Pack 8 to Debian Jessie should be smooth and similar to a traditional UP upgrade, in sync with the upstream Jessie freeze planned for November this year.

Geen Update Packs meer na UP8 (reaktie van Clem op de eerste reaktie):
Hi Mike, there won’t be any UP9 or UP10, these were snapshots, update packs. We’ll move from UP8 to Jessie, after that the base will be the same as in Debian. In terms of release management we’ll have to make sure things continue to work for both bases for a while and people can make the jump when it suits them, so at some stage we’ll have UP8 as you know it now and a set of repositories ready for you to jump to (probably very similar to how it works in Mint, with a Jessie set on packages.linuxmint.com and a Debian Jessie base). On top of Jessie, we’ll be doing something similar to what we’re doing with Trusty… i.e. you’ll get security updates and bug fixes from upstream on an ongoing basis with the same filter/policy as in mintupdate and we’ll backport popular apps, DEs and Mint tools. Based on the popularity of LMDE we’ll need to decide a few additional details when it comes to release strategy (namely multi-tracking and the ability to opt-in between point releases).

Bron : Linux Mint blog http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=2671

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